Make an informed decision – for a balanced diet

The desire for a healthy and well balanced diet is a significant factor nowadays in the purchasing behaviour of many consumers. So are we still allowed to treat ourselves to snacks?

Nährwertinformationen auf einer PackungIn order to achieve a balanced diet it is important to be well informed about the nutritional value of different foods. That is why consumers can find comprehensive product information on all packaging and on the Lorenz Snack-World website.

Every pack carries a clear display of the nutritional information pertaining to the product. A graph based on the GDA (Guideline Daily Amount) shows the nutritional value of a single portion compared to the recommended daily intake of an average adult. By the middle of 2012 the GDAs will be displayed on the front of all packaging.

This allows consumers to discover at a glance what the product contains in terms of calories, sugar, fat, saturated fatty acids and sodium. A table on the back of the packaging provides further information about the protein, carbohydrate and fibre contents.

This allows all consumers to make decisions that suit their own individual dietary preferences. When accompanied by sufficient exercise, high quality snack products can certainly form part of a balanced diet.