Short distances and optimised transport

A finished product travels a good many miles to reach the consumer – by road, rail or sea. Fuel consumption and CO2 emission are both key factors in the battle to conserve resources and ward off climate change.

KartoffeltransportWhen it comes to our main raw material - potatoes - we are trying hard to reduce the distance from our fields to our production plants. The land used by our contracted growers therefore lies as close as possible to our factories.

It is also important to make the best use of our transport capacities through careful planning and cooperation with our partners. For example, our packaging has been specially designed to fit the specifications of a pallet loading programme, in order to achieve the best possible utilisation of the loading volume.

We are eagerly awaiting the next significant advance in the form of new software, which is currently under development. This will allow us to calculate the CO2 emissions for all the transport in the logistics chain, so that we can then select the most beneficial means of transport for each stage - a key planning tool in terms of sustainability.