Controlled cultivation protects the environment and consumers

The land where our potatoes are grown covers an area the size of 7,000 football pitches. In Germany, these fields are all located close to our production plants, which means the potatoes do not have far to travel. This minimises fuel consumption and reduces the emission of harmful CO2 gases.

PotatoefarmSome 300 certified farmers tend these fields, ensuring that our most important raw material - the potato - is of premium quality. Long-term contracts produce a successful partnership that combines the know-how of our agricultural experts with the experience of our growers. This cooperation leads to reliable quality and gives the growers an assured outlet for their produce.

Strict regulations ensure that verifiable farming methods are used for the protection of the environment and the consumer. Well documented data on fertiliser use, irrigation and soil conditions as well as inspections all the way from planting through to harvest provide valuable information. The use of genetically modified plants is expressly excluded. This controlled cultivation supplies us with high quality potatoes and allows us to operate a sustainable and environmentally friendly business.