Application tips

How to send your application

Job-application tips

We prefer to receive your application via email. Not only is this the more environmentally friendly way, but also the further processing then is quicker. Of course you can also send us a "classical" application by mail.

You will find the postal and email address in the Vacancies section of the website.


What to include in your application

Whether you apply directly for an advertised vacancy or send us a speculative application, we need the fullest picture of your experiences and preferences you can provide. So in both cases, please include complete application documents:
  • A covering letter describing why you want to work in our company and what skills and knowledge you have that would be particularly useful for the desired position.
  • Your CV, including details of previous employment, training and education, your successes and special accomplishments, probably relevant leisure time interests and activities that help us to assess your overall suitability for the job.
  • An indication of the level of salary you expect and the earliest possible date you could start work with us.

It is well worth checking all your documents once more to see if the spelling and details are correct and if they really deliver the professional impression you want to make. In other words, check you have done everything possible to give us a full and accurate picture of you as a potential employee for our company.

How the application process unfolds

Our human resources experts and the relevant specialist department both carefully check every application we receive, whether electronically or by post. Then we invite the candidates with the most suitable qualifications to the first job interview. Depending on the function and the complexity of the tasks, this will last about an hour or two. This interview offers you the chance to describe your previous employment and educational history, your successes and your professional goals in more detail and answer our specific questions about your professional experience and the way you work. We can also tell you about the available positions in more detail and answer the questions you undoubtedly have.

The aim is that not only we receive a first good impression from you, but also you of us – of our company, our culture and our approach to work. For both of us, this is the most important basis to make the right decision for a successful long-standing working relationship.

Then we have to make a further selection from the candidates we met during the first round of interviews. We invite these shortlisted candidates to another interview. The details of these procedures vary according to the job type and complexity.